Why You Should Learn To Dive

Almost everyone has heard about scuba diving, but not nearly as many have tried it for themselves. Some people believe that diving is a frightening and challenging sport, only for professionals.

In reality, diving is an extraordinary experience that cannot compare to another. You get to explore unknown territory to most while gaining knowledge, considerable skills, and numerous other benefits. Today, we will discuss ten reasons why everyone should learn to dive.

why everyone should learn to dive
Passed the PADI open water racha yai phuket

1: You Get An Upclose and Interactive Experience With Marine Life

When diving, you get to see so many fascinating things underwater. The ocean is filled with various beautiful and bizarre marine life, and you will be exposed to all of it.

The location of your diving excursion will determine what kind of sea creatures you may encounter, but be prepared to see many species of fish, turtles, stingrays, coral, sharks, whale sharks and so much more!

It is such a fantastic experience for divers to see marine life up close and personal while diving, but you mustn’t touch anything! Touching animals or any living species underwater could result in significant damage or even death to the creature, as you can expose them to harmful bacteria.

So one of the most important rules to follow when diving is you can look, but don’t touch! If you want a way to remember every part of your diving adventure, then bring an underwater camera with you and document your experience.

whale shark Similan islands thailand
Scuba diving with manta rays in thailand

2: You Get To Discover What Absolute Freedom Feels Like

Whenever divers get out into the water, they experience a euphoric feeling of utter freedom. Many people have a sense of calmness when they dive because a big part of diving consists of proper breathing, and when you are breathing correctly, you will feel calmer.

Also, just the feeling of swiftly gliding through the water and being able to go anywhere you want in the humongous ocean is completely freeing. If you’ve never been diving before, you need to go, even for this reason alone, to discover pure freedom.

Goa scuba diving
best scuba diving in india

3: The Feeling Of Being Weightless

The following reason contributes to the last point about experiencing the most freedom you’ve ever had in your life. When scuba diving, you are utterly weightless regardless of how much you genuinely weigh. All the weight is lifted off of your body, and it is like you are flying through the ocean.

Many say that the weightlessness aspect of being in the water makes scuba diving so freeing and relaxing. You can glide through the water, take in your surroundings, and be entirely in the moment.

and relax - scuba diving - racha yai phuket
Artifical reef Koh Racha Yai Phuket

4: You Can Check It Off On Your Bucket List

Most people have a list of what they want to do and achieve in their lifetime. Even if this list isn’t written down on paper, many people have ideas in their heads about their goals, dreams, and aspirations and attempt to achieve them.

For some, scuba diving might be on their bucket list, but they may be too scared to try it out. It’s okay! Take a deep breath. Scuba diving isn’t as intimidating and scary as people talk about, and with a professional dive guide, training, and proper equipment, you will do great.

So what are you waiting for? Try out diving and finally cross it off your list. You never know; you may gain a new hobby and become a regular diver. You can try scuba diving in Phuket on a one-day Discover Scuba Diving day trip, or you can do the Three-day Open water diver course.

turtle swimming in the open ocean
schooling yellow snapper phuket coral reef

5: You Can Dive Anywhere In The World

However, many people believe that scuba diving is only available in tropical destinations like the Similan Islands; this is untrue. The best thing, hands down, about diving is that you can do it pretty much anywhere in the world.

The versatility of diving is ideal for those who love to travel because you will more than likely find a diving spot wherever you are located. It is also fascinating to scuba dive in other parts of the world because you will be exposed to different marine species, environments, underwater wrecks and types of water.

6: You Get To Meet Plenty Of New People

Diving is not a solo experience; as a matter of fact, it is recommended that divers always have a diving partner go with them whenever they dive. If you are traveling the world in search of epic diving experiences, the chances are you will meet other people on the same journey!

This is an excellent opportunity to connect with new people who have similar interests and experiences as you. You never know; you might end up meeting a lifelong friend or even gaining a new diving buddy whilst scuba diving.

Passed the PADI open water racha yai phuket
underwater racing - Koh Racha yai

7: There Are Numerous Mental And Physical Health Benefits

People may assume that diving is excellent for physical health, and they would be right. But did you know that diving also has numerous mental health benefits? The benefits of diving are genuinely countless.

Here are five of the top mental and physical health benefits of diving:

1: Diving can relieve stress and anxiety and improve mental health and emotional well-being.
2: Diving can improve blood circulation as well as reduce blood pressure.
3: Diving can help increase your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness level.
4: Being in salt water and exposed to the sunlight is excellent for your skin, body, and brain.
5: Diving can be therapeutic for those who suffer from physical and psychological trauma such as PTSD.

Scuba diving day trip Phuket
Discover scuba diving Koh Racha Yai

8: It Will Help Build Teamwork And Non-Verbal Communication Skills

A big part of diving is communicating non-verbally effectively to your diving partner. You will need to work as a team to establish specific signals that you both will understand if something is wrong or if you need to let them know something.

It may take a little bit of time to get the hang of, but after a few dives, you will feel more confident, and your skills will be improving. Just make sure that you and your diving buddy are on the same page beforehand, and communicate before you get into the water while you still have the chance to be verbal.

fun underwater racha islands
Amazing underwater visability - Racha islands Phuket

9: It Can Improve Your Focus And Concentration

Another great benefit of diving is that it can help improve your concentration in your everyday life. While you are in the water, you must be very aware of your surroundings and practice proper breathing techniques, keep your balance as you swim, and communicate with your diving partner.

Although this might seem like a lot of work, it will become easier and easier the more you practice, and it will help you learn to multitask more effectively, be more aware, and focus better.

Gliding over coral reefs Koh racha Yai

10: You Are Gaining New Skills

We constantly learn new things no matter how old we get as humans. Regardless of what they are, gaining new skills is very beneficial because it keeps our minds sharp and enhances our knowledge.

Diving, in particular, is a great skill to learn because of all the benefits we discussed throughout this article and simply because it is such a fantastic sport. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to dive?

Boat entry - Koh Racha Islands - Phuket
wreck diving koh racha islands phuket

Final Thoughts

Why everyone should learn to dive

Though many find the thought of diving deep into the ocean of unknown terrifying, it is an incredible experience with plenty of benefits. One of the best things about diving is that it is so versatile, and everyone has a unique experience.

But feeling weightless and swimming with sea creatures or seeing pieces of history that lie beneath the water is truly astonishing. From learning new skills, having new experiences, learning, and making new friends, diving is the ultimate experience that everyone should attempt to do at least once in their lives.

If you have ever considered trying out diving but haven’t attempted it yet, you should give it a try with us here at Thailand Divers! When you book online a Phuket dive trip, your scuba gear rental is free!

It’s honestly a life-changing experience that will provide you with a completely new perspective of the world and yourself. Plus, everyone loves checking items off of their bucket list.

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