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When is the best time to visit Phuket?

Thailand is a country highlighted for its unparalleled beach views, vibrant nightlife, a top destination for family holidays and friendly locals.
Before visiting the region, many tourists wonder about the Phuket weather, including the best time to visit Phuket. Luckily, Phuket has an excellent climate for most of the year, allowing for plenty of fun to be had during just about every season. Below is a summary of Phuket weather throughout the year.

Phuket weather Monthly Sunhours Phuket

January – March.

These are considered the High Season months as January, February, and March sees average temperatures between 89 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a rare chance of rain during these months with cool nights. Showers may start to appear by March, and the temperature tends to rise a bit. The sea conditions are fantastic at this time of year, with most dive sites experiencing 30-meter visibility and low currents. There is no need to wear a wetsuit whilst scuba diving, as the average water temperature is a balmy 82 degrees. This is considered Thailand’s best scuba diving period.

Average Monthly Temp-Phuket

April – May

By April, the heat here rises to the mid-’30s or mid-90s Fahrenheit. It’s noticeably dryer during this time. Many individuals prefer to stay inside the cool water or in air-conditioned shops and restaurants. Tourists who want to see the sights before the rainy season hits should consider visiting during this time of the year. If you are looking for the best chance of sighting the majestic whale sharks and the great manta rays, this is the time, but it can be the time for storms and swells – swim with whale sharks. The Similan Islands close around the 15th of May. In the north of Thailand / Chaing Mai, you can experience hailstorms at this time of year.

Average Water Temp Phuket

June – August

June, July, and August see steady rain, with temperatures only slightly cooling down. If tourists can only visit Phuket during any of these months, June may be your best bet as the month has a higher chance of providing sunny days. At the same time, tourists should be cautious of rough waters.

September – October

These two months remain the wettest of the year in Phuket, and they are also the months that see the biggest onslaught of typhoons. The waters tend to be rough and not as clear, making this time of year not ideal for beach lovers. At the same time, there is less foot and road traffic during this time, so visiting shops or restaurants is undoubtedly more accessible during September and October! In the middle of October each year the Similan Islands opens until May.

Monthly Rainfall Phuket


Phuket weather in Thailand sees a lightning up of rain with more sunny days. The average temperature in November is 30°C or 86°F. The sea may still be a little choppy here, making many tourists opt for hotels with pools over a visit to the beach.



The Phuket weather gets nicer again in December, with rainy days diminishing to be replaced by sunny but cool days and nights. At night the weather may hit 24°C or 75°F, perfect for those not fans of the heat. The sea becomes clear again, and the sky remains blue and crisp.

While some months remain more ideal than others for visiting Phuket and Phi Phi Island, the island is perfect for any first-time visitors or frequent tourists to the country. The Phuket weather, exceptional sights and welcoming locals make this destination a must for any traveller!

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