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Day trip to Phi Phi Islands

3 dives

The islands of Phi Phi offer some of the most spectacular backdrops in Thailand and the underwater topography doesn’t disappoint either!

With the combination of an abundance of marine life, clear water, gentle sloping reefs and dramatic walls dropping to 20-25m, no two dives at Phi Phi are ever the same.

Phuket Dive Tours Scuba diving day trip to Phi Phi Island
Phuket to Koh Racha Noi Island dive tour

Day trip to Koh Racha Noi Island

3 dives

The three dive sites at Koh Racha Noi island are sheltered bays that offer calm conditions and good visibility- an ideal combination to spot turtles!

With a mixture of corals, sea fans, sea whips, and fabulous granite rock formations, these sites are also excellent to spot parrotfish and yellowtail barracuda.

Day trip to King Cruiser Wreck

3 dives

The ninety meters long by sixteen meters high wreck sank in 1997 and now sits on the sandy seabed at around thirty-two meters.

The top of this fantastic wreck is covered with colourful corals and every nook and cranny has someone calling it home. This is a fantastic wreck dive for people who love macro photography. 


King Cruiser Wreck diving day trip
Phuket scuba diving day trip boat MV Mermaid
Thailand Divers day trip diving boat - Phuket
MV Mermaid day trip scuba diving boat phuket
Phuket day trip scuba diving boat - MV Mermaid


There are a few scuba diving locations that should be on all diver’s lists when visiting Thailand. 

1: Phi Phi Islands – These limestone cliff islands are as impressive above the water as they are below. Amazing tropical coral reefs that many reef sharks call home.
2: Koh Racha Islands – These islands are a beginner divers’ dream diving location with spectacular tropical coral reefs, which are located in sheltered bays with high underwater visibility and low currents – the perfect location for the  PADI open water course.

Phi Phi islands are one of the best scuba diving locations in Southern Thailand.
These islands are accessible from Phuket on our day trip boat MV Mermaid. We visit these truly remarkable islands on Tuesdays and Fridays for two dives and the third and final dive of the day is at Shark Point.
Phi Phi Islands have regular sightings of leopard and black tip reef sharks; on the walls, keep your eyes open for Sea Horses, Frog Fish, Giant Coral Fans and Hawksbill Turtles feeding on sponges.

The best scuba diving location for beginner scuba divers all year round are two islands located one and a half hours from the mainland of Phuket – The Racha Islands
We visit Koh Racha Noi and Koh Racha Yai island for a three-dive day every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. All our PADI Open Water courses visit these remarkable islands during their three-day course. 

No, I am afraid we do not conduct night dives.


Koh Racha Islands

Three Dives


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