Thailand Hailstorms

I hear you say “Hailstorms in the tropics?”

In Thailand, most hailstorms are related to summer thunderstorms and are on a small scale often with a short duration. They occur between February and May in the mountainous areas in the north of Thailand. The Thailand hailstorms can cause extensive damage to buildings, crops and fauna.

The pictures in this post were taken after one of these hailstorms at the Chiangmai Highlands Golf Resort and Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai is located in the North of Thailand – 1hr flight from Bangkok.

The best time of year to go to Chiang Mai and the North West of Thailand is between the months of December and February. Weather during these months is cool and pleasant with a light breeze. During the day the average temperature is a pleasant 86°F but bring a jumper or hoodie as the temperature drops rapidly after sunset, it can get as low as 50°F.

Many first-time travellers to Thailand do a split holiday with a few days in Bangkok to experience the city that does not sleep. After a few days in Bangkok, most people need a break and where better than Chiang Mai with its laid back easy going Thai ways. The city is steeped in history with some amazing Thai Buddhist Temples with their immaculately trimmed grounds.

Then of to Phuket for the final Thailand experience – the tropical beach holiday. Phuket is one of the most remarkable places not only in Thailand but in the entire world. Phuket is Thailand’s biggest island, and it is known for its world-renowned beaches, pristine crystal-clear water, cascading waterfalls, and superbly friendly locals. Phuket is absolutely the place to be if you highly appreciate scuba diving, as well. If you have the chance to go Phuket scuba diving, you should not hesitate for a single moment.

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