Phi Phi Islands

The islands of Phi Phi offer some of the most spectacular backdrops in Thailand and the underwater topography doesn’t disappoint either! With the combination of an abundance of marine-life, clear water, gentle sloping reefs and dramatic walls dropping to 20-25m, no two dives at Phi Phi are ever the same.

King Cruiser Wreck

The 90 meter long by 16 meters high wreck sank in 1997 and sits on the sandy seabed at around 30 meters. The top of the wreck is covered with corals and every nook and cranny has someone calling it home. This is a fantastic wreck dive for people who love macro photography. 

Similan Islands

Thailand’s best scuba diving location and one of the Top Diving Destinations in the World. The Similan Islands National Marine Park is open from October until May each year. Whale sharks, Manta Rays, Turtles the list is endless what you might encounter on a trip to the World Famous Similan Islands.

Koh Racha Noi Island

The three dive sites at Koh Racha Noi are sheltered bays which offer calm conditions and good visibility- an ideal combination to spot turtles! With a mixture of corals, sea fans, sea whips and fabulous granite rock formations, these sites are also excellent to spot parrotfish and yellowtail barracuda.

Koh Racha Yai Island

Racha Yai Island has it all! The marine life is spectacular along its shores with all the common reef fish living here in huge numbers- like pipefish, cuttlefish, blue-spotted stingrays and juvenile barracudas. Its waters are crystal clear and there are white beaches and lush green scenery as well.

Shark Point

Shark Point is made up of three pinnacles and, as the name suggests, is frequented by leopard sharks that you may encounter just sleeping on the sand or cruising around close to the reef. Leopard sharks are also found around Bida Nok and Bida Nai, as are blacktip reef sharks, nurse sharks and bamboo sharks!

Dive Phuket and its surrounding islands with our varied daily scuba dive Phuket locations. All our scuba diving day trips are for certified scuba divers only with a maximum group size of six divers to one divemaster. If you are new to scuba diving then please have a look at our Discover Scuba Diving day trip.

All our scuba dive Phuket day trips start when we collect you from your hotel in the morning – so you do not have to worry about transport as we include return hotel transfers.

The best time to come to dive Phuket is between October and May when the ocean conditions are at their best. The underwater visibility during this period is amazing going up to 30 meters plus and water temperatures on average 29 degrees.

Phi Phi Island

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