Golf Courses in Phuket

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When you think of Phuket, your first thought may not be golfing. However, Phuket is a world-class place to golf and is home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in Thailand. Phuket also hosts many of Asia’s major golf tournaments with stunning scenery and impeccable customer service. In this article, we will be looking at some of the best golf courses in Phuket and give you some information about golfing in Phuket so you can be ready for your next trip to Thailand!

How Much Does It Cost To Golf In Phuket?
The price of golfing in Phuket can vary depending on which golf course you go to. Typically, it can cost anywhere from 3000 baht to 6000 baht, which is approximately $100 to $200. It is also very typical for people to rent golf carts, but it is also mandatory to have a caddie drive the golf cart to maintain the beautiful golf courses. It costs around 750 baht (about $25) to rent the golf cart and an additional 350 baht (around $12) for a caddie fee. Additionally, it is customary and recommended to tip a minimum of 300 baht (about $10) but tipping more is always appreciated. Your total cost, including the fees for golf carts and caddies, will be between 4400 baht ($145) to 7400 baht ($245).

Red Mountain Golf Club
First on this list is an award-winning golf course that will provide you with an experience that will always be remembered. In 2011, Red Mountain Golf Club won the “Platinum Golf Course Of The Year” award at the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards. This golf course was built on a former tin mine site so as you are golfing you will notice items from that era left behind and incorporated into this challenging golf course. They also have beautiful villas and hotel rooms available for booking so you can have easy access to the golf course for the entire duration of your trip. Red Mountain Golf Club is an excellent option for those of you who want to see an essential piece of Thai culture and partake in a challenging yet fun golfing experience.

Loch Palm Golf Club
Next is Loch Palm Golf Club. This exquisite and colossal golf course is built around the gorgeous Crystal Lake, making Loch Palm Golf Club the home of the largest body of water on any Phuket golf course. They have 18-holes that start with admiring the lakes and palm trees for the first half, and then you go through the mountains for the last 9-holes. Lock Palm has there own luxury accommodation – Tinidee Golf Resort surrounded by a naturally undulating, verdant landscape, with, nearby, the palm-fringed lake and forested mountains, Tinidee Golf Resort Phuket offers a relaxing getaway from the big city, yet is just a short ride from the stunning beaches and renowned entertainment areas of the beautiful tropical island of Phuket. This golf club is another great option for golfers looking for a beautiful place to stay and golf. This is the closest golf course to Patong beach

Laguna Golf Phuket
The last luxury golf course we will be talking about is Laguna Golf Phuket. Laguna Golf Phuket is right beside Laguna Phuket Resort, named the first fully integrated destination resort in all of Asia. This golf course has a challenging layout surrounding the lagoons and mountains. As your golfing at the Laguna golf course, you will notice coconut groves and sand bunkers plus beautiful tropical plants and wildlife all around. Laguna Golf wants each of their guests to have a cultural experience that they will not forget, so they have placed native Thai fishing boats and golfing furniture around for golfers to admire. Laguna Golf Phuket is a highly recommended place to book a vacation for anyone who wants to experience local essences and golf on a divinely-crafted course.

Although Phuket is mainly recognized for its beautiful beaches, decadent food, Phuket scuba diving, and inexpensive shopping, golfing is something you should explore when your visiting. They have world-class golf courses that are used by professional golfers all over Asia. Plus, most golf courses are accompanied by a luxury resort with tons of features and amenities. The strong golfing culture in Phuket makes it the perfect destination for experienced golfers or even people that have never golfed before but want to try it out. Golfing in Phuket is an excursion to add to your bucket list! So when you are thinking of what to do in Phuket then here is another option for your trip to paradise.

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